Comprehensive Examination

Extensive general dental care

Is this your first time?

Your first visit to our clinic can be quite lengthy. There is so much more to dental health than fixing holes in teeth. Apart from getting to know you, we take all necessary records to provide you with the best level of care. Dental health is a lifelong commitment, therefore we provide advice with a long term view in mind.

What does it involve?


A thorough examination of your gums and teeth


An oral cancer check


A full face screening X-ray (OPG)

to screen for bone degeneration and general dental condition (here’s why)

Two dental decay screening X-rays

to screen for dental decay not detectable during visual examination (here’s why)

Dental photographs

for records and discussion purposes

Models of your teeth (if needed)

What are the benefits?

  • Establishing a clear long term plan for you dental health with your individual input taken into account
  • More predictable outcome of your treatment
  • Allow prioritisation of the most urgent treatment
  • Proper planning with the “big picture” in mind to avoid repeating work
  • Allow more accurate pricing of your treatment
  • Active screening and prevention to avoid future pain and more expensive treatment

Financing Options Available