What is capping?

In the last post, I talked about how cracks in teeth can have catastrophic effect on teeth. They’ll either break or split teeth. A natural next question would be: what can we do about it? When I said “capping”, I found out that a lot of my patients don’t know what it is and how it prevents them from potential consequences of cracked teeth.


Gum treatment FAQs

As I pointed out in the previous blog, gum diseases are caused by bacteria around the gum. So the solution to this problem is to remove bacteria. A dentist’s job is to remove hard deposit while the patient’s job is to remove the soft plaque that build up every day so that it doesn’t sit around long enough to become hard.


Why it costs you MORE for not taking dental X-ray

This is the second part of “4 Reasons why you WANT your dentists to take X-ray films”.
One of the common objections to taking a dental X-ray is the cost but is it really a saving by not taking one? Let’s do the maths here. For the sake of argument, we are going to say 2 X-ray films cost $100 ($50×2), a filling or an extraction costs.


4 Reasons why you WANT your dentists to take X-ray films

It always amazes me when patients come in for an examination but he or she says “I don’t want any X-rays”. If we sit back and think for a minute, what would the doctor say when a patient shows up with a broken arm and said “Doc, I want you to fix my arm but I don’t want you to take an X-ray”.