Our Technology

Our Technology

All our equipment and products are carefully selected to exceed the industry standard with quality, convenience and comfort of our patients in mind. We closely follow the guidelines from the Australian Dental Association and reports from a non-biased product-reviewing company.

iTero 5D Plus Intraoral scanner

The new intraoral scanner is fast becoming a standard in dentistry. The “mould” of your teeth can now be captured with a 3D camera instead of the traditional tray and “gooey” material. This means the process is more efficient, comfortable, completely digitized and a lot less messy. Our latest scanner features the innovative Near-Infrared Technology (NIRI) which aids the detection of dental decay.

Pioon S1 Dental Laser

Laser applications in dentistry have been established for over 30 years. Pioon S1 is the new dental diode laser utilizing 3 different wavelengths which allows for its use in a wide range of dental procedures. The benefits include better quality, cleaner treatment and faster healing. Many treatments are now laser-assisted including surgical, cosmetic and therapeutic procedures.

Intra Oral Camera

Apart from good record keeping practice, taking images helps patients understand their conditions before, during and after treatments. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Cone Beam CT / OPG Machine

Our clinic has a combined OPG and cone beam CT machine which has the ability to take a 3D scan in the facial region. This means that all your dental imaging needs can be taken care of in-house for your convenience. The 3D scan has raised the quality and standard in many aspects of dentistry allowing treatments to be carried out with high precision.

Magnification Loupes

Dentistry, by nature, involves working in a small field. Our dental works are done under magnification which enhances the quality of details. This allows us to deliver result with the highest precision.

Formlabs 3D Printer

Another partner in our digital workflow is the Formlabs 3D printer, the leader in its field. Models and dental appliances can now be constructed with the assist of 3D printing technology. This results in quality products which are more accurate, clean and reproducible.

Dental Monitoring

Dental monitoring brings you the future of dental care with remote monitoring during your orthodontic treatment. With the combination of DentalMonitoring app and ScanBox, you can now send photos of your teeth and communicate securely with us. This enhances your experience, keeps your treatment on track and optimises appointment scheduling.

Intra Oral Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray films are quickly replacing conventional films for many reasons. These include eliminating the use of chemical processing liquid, faster image processing time and lower radiation exposure to patients. Taking X-ray images is often necessary for an accurate determination of dental problems; not collecting all information can lead to carrying out inappropriate or unsafe treatments.


We maintain a clean and hygienic practice because your health is important to us. All our instruments are sterilised and we adhere strictly to infection control standards.

Planmeca Dental Chair

This European designed chair is specifically chosen for being the most comfortable dental chair in the market. Sometimes long appointments are necessary and we place great emphasis on your comfort. The small footprint of this chair allows easy access for kids and the elderly.