Dentistry has changed significantly in the last 50 years and will continue to evolve at an even faster pace. With advances garnered from research in the field, treatments can be carried out to a higher standard and with greater efficiency. Coming into an information age, we have never been better equipped to help patients understand the essential facts of dental health.

Technology does not only change how we work but also how we communicate and interact. We believe the relationship between dental practitioners and patients have evolved to that of a mentorship. Our role is to guide you through your dental journey. We treat or give advice to our patients as we would to our friends and families. We will also guide you through the vast amount of resources available online. With our experience and our passion for dentistry, we are committed to building a lifelong trusting relationship with you and your family.

Our mission
  • To provide the highest quality of work in the best interest of our patients
  • To provide our patients with a pleasant dental experience
  • To empower our patients to look after their own oral health
  • To care for our patients and each other with compassion, professionalism and fairness

Dr Khachornwut (Supa)

Supasiti BDSc (Melb)

Dr Supa was born in Thailand and grew up in Melbourne. He loves the lifestyle in the countryside and spent the last 5 years working in Warrnambool, a regional town 3 hours South West of Melbourne.

Apart from meeting the locals, Dr Supa discovered that there is a gap between public perception of dentistry and what modern day dentistry really is. He is excited about showing patients how simple dentistry can be through preventative and conservative treatments.

Feeling dentistry is a perfect combination of art and science, Dr Supa loves dentistry with a passion and continually attend courses to expand his areas of expertise. He has special interests in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and endodontics.

A big advocate of education, Dr Supa enjoys talking to patients about how to look after their own oral health and helps them to make informed decisions. In 2014, he realised his dream of opening a dental practice in Melton to reflect his dental philosophy.

Dr Supa is registered with the Dental Board of Australia and is a member of the Australian Dental Association. Apart from working in his clinic, Dr Supa teaches in the Endodontic clinic at Melbourne Dental School.

Outside dentistry, Dr Supa likes skiing, exploring good brunch places around Melbourne and is a keen follower of British soccer.

Supa dental is a newly built state-of-the-art dental clinic, conveniently located in Melton. Our private practice has 3 dental chairs with street parking on Riddler Street.

We are a digital practice, implementing the use of digital records to reduce usage of paper. Please help us by indicating email as your preferred method of communication and explore our website for many useful resources. Our practice employs the newest technologies to enhance the efficiency and quality of service delivery.

Welcome to our practice

All our equipment and products are carefully selected to exceed the industry standard with quality, convenience and comfort of our patients in mind. We closely follow the guidelines from the Australian Dental Association and reports from a non-biased product-reviewing company.

Dental magnification loupes

Dentistry, by nature, involves working in a small field. Our dental works are done under magnification which enhances the quality of details. This allows us to deliver result with the highest precision.

Planmeca Dental Chair

This European designed chair is specifically chosen for being the most comfortable dental chair in the market. Sometimes long appointments are necessary and we place great emphasis on your comfort. The small footprint of this chair allows easy access for kids and the elderly.

Intra oral camera

Apart from good record keeping practice, taking images helps patients understand their conditions before, during and after treatments. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Intra oral digital X-ray

Digital X-ray films are quickly replacing conventional films for many reasons. These include eliminating the use of chemical processing liquid, faster image processing time and lower radiation exposure to patients. Taking X-ray images is often necessary for an accurate determination of dental problems; not collecting all information can lead to carrying out inappropriate or unsafe treatments.

Cone Beam CT / OPG machine

Our clinic has a combined OPG and cone beam CT machine which has the ability to take a 3D scan in the facial region. This means that all your dental imaging needs can be taken care of in-house for your convenience. The 3D scan has raised the quality and standard in many aspects of dentistry allowing treatments to be carried out with high precision.


We maintain a clean and hygienic practice because your health is important to us. All our instruments are sterilised and we adhere strictly to infection control standards.