Crowns and Onlays

Crowns and Onlays

Tooth restoration is necessary when teeth sustain extensive damage from decay or accidents. Dental crowns and onlays are excellent solutions for tooth restoration. When considering a crown or onlay it is important to know the difference. Crowns cover the entire ‘biting’ area of the tooth, whilst an Onlay covers the tooth cusp.

Our dentists will identify the best solution for you and your tooth. Luckily, you can get Melton’s most professional dental Crown and Onlay installation services at Supa Dental.

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How Do They Work?

At our clinic, we examine your teeth and determine whether you need a dental onlay or crown.

If your teeth are severely damaged, you need a dental crown to prevent them from further cracking.

On the other hand, dental onlays repair damages to specific parts of your teeth. We can offer both porcelain and gold onlays.

What Are The Benefits?

Crowns and onlays prevent further damage to your teeth and can improve their appearance. They also provide a seal after root canal treatment, which prevents bacteria from infecting the teeth again.

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