Smile Gallery

Short term braces, Veneers and Denture

Problem : Crooked teeth, broken teeth and large gaps between upper teeth.

Treatment : Straightened teeth with 3 month braces, veneered teeth to create ideal tooth shape and replace missing teeth with a denture.

Ceramic veneers

Problem : Dark and cracked teeth.

Treatment : Ceramic veneers.

Veneers & a New Denture

Problem : Broken and worn down teeth. Dental erosion and collapsed bite.

Treatment : Veneers on lower front teeth. A new partial upper denture.

Veneers & Onlays (caps)

Problem : Broken down teeth. Heavily amalgam filled and cracked teeth.

Treatment : Veneers and onlays to protect cracked teeth and restore bite height.

Micro-abrasion and Toothmousse

Problem : White Chalky area on the upper tooth (lateral incisor).

Treatment : Micro-abrasion and home use of toothmouse for 1 month. The result can improve further with repeated micro-abrasion and continuous toothmouse use.

Crown lengthening / Gum lifting

Problem : Short teeth appearance.Too much gum covering the upper teeth.

Treatment : Crown lengthening or gum lifting procedure in 1 appointment.

Ceramic Onlay

Problem : Heavily filled teeth prone to fracture.

Treatment : Adhesive ceramic onlay.


Problem : Gaps between lower front teeth.

Treatment : Lower veneers to close gaps

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Problem :Broken, worn down and thinning teeth.

Treatment : Full mouth rehabilitation with veneers and onlays

Rehabilitation with veneers and partial dentures

Problem : Broken and missing multiple teeth. Deep and crooked bite.

Treatment : Rebuilding teeth and new partial dentures.

Resin Composite Veneers & Rehabilitation

Problem :Broken and worn down teeth. Dark coloured teeth.

Treatment : Resin Composite veneers on 4 upper front teeth. Bite rehabilitation with resin composite fillings on lower teeth.

Rehabilitation with veneers and partial dentures

Problem : Broken down lower teeth. Not showing enough upper teeth.

Treatment : Rebuilding lower teeth with resin composite veneers and making a new full upper denture.

Teeth Whitening

Problem :Yellow coloured teeth.

Treatment : Teeth Whitening with a take-home kit for 1 and half weeks.


Problem : Short and worn down teeth

Treatment : Veneers and ceramic onlays

Dental Bridge

Problem :Missing tooth

Treatment : Dental Bridge


Problem :Dental crowding and crooked teeth

Treatment : Braces