Refined sugar

Which sugars harm your teeth?

Not all sugars are made equal. Can you believe that? And some are more harmful to your teeth than others. The important question is then, which types of sugar are the bad ones?


How to protect your teeth from tooth decay Part 2: Bacteria and Sugar

Remember that the process of dental decay is a balance of tooth damage and repair. In the last post, I discussed a few tips of how the repair and protection side of the equation can be enhanced. This blog will focus on minimising the damage on your teeth by removing the causes.


How to protect your teeth from tooth decay Part 1: Saliva and Fluoride

If you understand the tooth decay process as explained in the previous blog, then you’ll know that the damage can be reversed. Not all decay on your teeth need to be filled. How does this work? The logical thinking would be to remove the causes and enhance the natural repair of your teeth. i.e. tipping the damage/repair scale.


Why some people get holes in their teeth and others don’t

“My partner had a lot of sweets but he has never got a hole in his life.” It seems unfair, isn’t it? Well, it’s either he’s not aware that he has holes in his teeth or another explanation follows below. Read on…


What cause dental decay?

The number one problem in dentistry, by far, is dental decay or “holes in teeth”. Dentists all over the world are filling holes every single day and 99.9% of all people would have at least one hole in their life time. So, it’s no surprise that the million dollar question is “ what causes dental decay?”


A time bomb in your teeth

In the past, it’s a common practice that patients visit dentists when they are experiencing pain or they have noticed a hole in their teeth. To me, this behaviour doesn’t make sense. If all patients turn up only when they have pain, then every dental visits will always be painful and unpleasant. But no one wants an unpleasant dental experience. What a catch-22…


That Sugar Film

Today I had a chance to watch a very fascinating documentary film by an Australian actor, Damon Gameau, called “That Sugar Film”. Damon was intrigued by what sugar does to our bodies and decided to go on a 60 days experiment with a high-sugar diet.