That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film

by | 7 Jun, 2015 | Blog, Dental Decay, Dietary info, Video

Today I had a chance to watch a very fascinating documentary film by an Australian actor, Damon Gameau, called “That Sugar Film”. Damon was intrigued by what sugar does to our bodies and decided to go on a 60 days experiment with a high-sugar diet. He also went further to explore the impact of sugar on our society by visiting different communities such as an aboriginal town in Central Australia and flew over to Kentucky, USA where Mountain Dew and Pepsi consumption are prevalent.

Being a dentist, the title of the film naturally appealed to me given that it’s highly related to my work. The words about the movie got to me by a colleague who watched it recently, which prompted me to watch the movie myself. What stood out to me the most during the 90-minute film was how much sugar one could be having in food which were perceived / advertised as being healthy such as flavoured yogurt, muesli bars and energy flavoured drinks. According to the film, an average Australian consume on average 40 teaspoons of sugar daily and the 40 teaspoons of sugar do not include soft drinks or “junk food”. As a dentist, I observed a lot of decay and preached about the usual culprits such as soft drinks, fruit juice, chocolate and candies; but I often failed to educate the role of hidden sugar on our health. This film really stepped it up for me.

Overall, I think this was a terrific movie to raise awareness of sugar consumption in modern society and I highly recommend everyone to watch it.

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