How to use an electric toothbrush

How to use an electric toothbrush

First of all, if you missed our previous video where I answered a few frequently asked questions about electric toothbrush, then you can find the link to that video in the descriptions below (on youtube site only). In this video, we are going to compare the two commonly seen electric toothbrushes, which are the Oral-B Vitality as well as Colgate Omron Pro 250+, as well as a few tips on how they use them.

Here’s the two examples of electric toothbrushes (0:42). The two major brands, obviously, Oral-B and Colgate. We’re going to give a little comparison between these two different ones. You’ve got Oral-B Braun and the Colgate, the electric toothbrush. Now let’s talk about the Oral-B one first. With this electric toothbrush, the head is circular. When it’s activated, it spins in the circular motion, left and right. The good things about the Oral-B one is that the head of the brush is smaller. I find that that’s a lot easier to get into a very small or tight corners around the mouth. The second thing that I like about the Oral-B toothbrush as well is that because the head is circular, how you’re holding it is not as sensitive. Because for example here (1:40), my electric toothbrush could be in this angle or it could be in this angle, but the way the toothbrush touched the tooth or around the gum is still the same.

I find it’s a little bit friendlier to clean between your teeth. Now what’s at the downside to the Oral-B one? If you’re comparing this one to the Colgate one, the Oral-B ones tends to be a little bit chunkier. From my own personal experience when I’ve used these two brushes, the Oral-B ones doesn’t last as long in terms of battery life. When I was using the Colgate ones, it tends to last longer without needing to charge the batteries. Now with the Colgate ones, the shape of the toothbrush looks a lot similar to a normal or manual toothbrush. But once you turn this buttons on, the bristle will vibrate. It’ll still do the work for you, but the way you place it is that you’ll have to place it similar way to a normal manual toothbrush.

It has to be parallel against a tooth rather than on an odd angle like that. Now, what are good things about this? It’s a lot smaller. It’s quite compact. With this particular one, it’s got a case. That can be pretty neat. I like to take this when I’m traveling because the battery tends to hold longer as well. I just take this one (3:16) to go when I’m traveling without bringing the charger. So, either one is fine. They’ve got pros and cons. Now let’s talk about how we are going to use these electric toothbrushes to clean your teeth. I’m going to use this one in particular to show you how to clean the teeth (3:36).

The number one rule about an electric toothbrush or common pitfall, I would say, that when you switch to using an electric toothbrush, what you have to do is slow down. Most of the time, you are quite used to moving your fingers around. It’s very hard when you start using electric toothbrush to stay still. Now the toothbrush will do the action or the work for you, but the important thing is that you need to allow enough time for the brush to do the work. Let me show you an example of a real time pace that you should be going with electric toothbrush. If you start turning this on, you’re going to place that on your teeth (4:16). This is how quickly or how slowly you should be going around your teeth, at that sort of pace. You find that a lot of the time, you’re going to have the urge to go faster around the teeth. You just want to stay still and then draw the line across the gum slowly.

Now, because the electric toothbrush is doing the work for you, so this is a good opportunity to focus on placing the brush in the right spot, which is usually around the gum. Now let’s talk about the pattern of how you are using the toothbrush around the mouth. In the end, it’s all about creating a pattern or system that’s going to make sure that you can clean everywhere around the mouth. Similar to using a manual toothbrush, I generally want to start from the back and then finish at the back. But then in this case, you can just wrap around. This is not the real time, but this is the pattern that how I would draw (5:17), I will start from the back on one side, go around to the back, and I would probably just be going to follow the line, going onto the inside all the way towards the end.

You’ve gone around the outside and the inside, and then just go through the top so you’ve done the bottom teeth. Then you swap around. Starting around the top arch, start at the back, go around the same pattern, go onto the inside, and then over the top of the teeth. That way, you know that you’ve covered everything. These are the tips on how to use electric toothbrush to clean between your clean teeth. That’s it. I hope this information in this video has been useful and we’ll see you at the next video.