3 Tips on how to keep your dentures looking new for many years

3 Tips on how to keep your dentures looking new for many years

by | 1 Jul, 2015 | Blog, Oral hygiene

Just because you have dentures for many years doesn’t mean they have to look dirty or stained. I’m surprised how many times my patients told me their previous dentists never explained to them how to look after the dentures. Well looked-after 20 year-old dentures will look exactly the same as they were on the first day, apart from worn down plastic teeth from usage. So there’re no excuses for dirty stains and funny smell !!! Here are the 3 easy tips to keep them clean.

1. Leave the dentures out of your mouth at night when you go to sleep. We don’t wear our shoes all day and night because it gets stuffy and smelly. Now we think our feet are dirty, so are the inside of our mouths. Doesn’t it make sense to leave your dentures out and give your gum a rest? Having dentures in the mouth all the times creates an area that is warm and moist, an ideal condition for bacteria to grow. Fungal infection inside the mouth isn’t uncommon either.

2. Clean the dentures with soapy water every night. There are minerals in our saliva which can form yellow deposits on the dentures, the same way we get yellow tartar formed on our teeth. The rough surface on these deposits is easily stained with food colours which gives dentures its dirty look. All too often we rinse the dentures under water and left clear saliva film on them. Using soapy water will make sure we don’t leave any saliva behind. A clean denture should feel like a clean dinner plate. Squeaky.

3. Clean the dentures with lemon juice or vinegar once a week. These natural products are effective and cheap. Soak the dentures in a glass of warm water added with either lemon juice or a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar once a week will help kill bacteria and dissolve built-up mineral deposits. Make sure NOT to overdo it and soak for only half an hour, as using concentrated or strong bleach for a prolong period can damage your dentures. Alternatively, denture cleaning tablets such as Steradent are widely available at the chemist or supermarket.

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